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Olive Oil Business in China


Olive Oil Business in China

How to do business in China? The following advice to the exporters and producers:

To learn more about information on China¡¯s market through Internet, newspaper, exhibition, visit and other channels;

To find your business partners or agents through exhibition, business visit and Internet;
To establish the branch or the joint venture company in China;
To support your partners or agents in the aspect of marketing and promotion;
You and your agents should together make the whole and long-term promoting plan for your products in China¡¯s market;
It is helpful for you to improve the influence of your brands through continually promoting your brand in China¡¯s market;

Route: Partner/Branch - Promotion - Distribution-People - Brand- Plantation-Promotion

How to find your partner from China

The following is for your reference:

  • website

  • newspaper

  • exhibition & seminar

  • olive oil competition

  • advisory service

  • your friends in China

  • business organization or association

  • advertisement in China

  • promoting activity

  • personal survey

  • other........

Exhibition & seminar is better than other ways, why? the exhibition & seminar is the most direct and efficient opportunity for you to meet China's importers, wholesalers, agents, reporters, technician, experts, producers officials and related people, and you could also quickly learn about the situation and prospect of China olive oil market.

The above-mentioned ways you desire we would provide relevant service to assist in achieving your purpose, so do not hesitate to contact us.

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