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Oil China dates back to 2005. Since then, Oil China has been held 14 times. As the only professional international exhibition of olive oil and edible oil, Oil China has ever been fully supported by China Council for the Promotion of International Trade (CCPIT), the Ministry of Agriculture, Foreign Trade Bureau of Spain (ICEX), Hellenic Foreign Trade Board (HEPO), Portuguese olive oil association, the embassies of Spain, Greece, Italy, Tunis, Jordan, and other associations and so on. Oil China has become an international exhibition of edible oil with the largest scale and number of oil varieties. Renowned for attracting professional purchasers, distributors and audiences, Oil China has gained the attention of edible oil related corporations around the globe. It¨s an excellent platform for relevant parties to seek for products marketing and business cooperation.

Oil China, under the amazing potential market environment, supported by domestic and international enterprises with the professional organization offering: generate publicity, demonstrate products, build business communities, increase sales, meet new prospects, develop relationships with your customers, professional industry learning, and etc. Also Oil China will use different channel to promote the products suit to the target customer following the edible oil classification. Make sure every target customer get right information to maximize supporting and enriching the industry. Earn your market share, Now is the time´.

Chinese Edible Oil Market




China--the largest country of olive oil consumption in the world.

China is the very huge market for olive oil, because China has over 9.6 million square kilometers equal to the whole Europe and most of important, over 1.3 billion people in China who pay more attention to consume the imported olive oil in daily life sustainability.
According to the following graph, since 2005 to 2018 the average proportion of imported olive oil has been keeping the increases nearly 30% per year. Since 2013 till now, Chinese market is in the adjustment stage along with Chinese economy and politics and you will find the trend is going down from the graph, but it is the temporary situation in China. We anticipate 43000 tons olive oil will be imported to China in 2017, and the rise of the curve means the market is getting warmer. As one of the food with nutrition value, olive oil is more and more welcome in China. At present over 300-brand olive oil appears in Chinese olive oil market, which nearly 100% import from Spain, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Tunis, Portugal, Jordan, Australia, and Argentina and so on. The main consumption cities of olive oil are Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Tianjin and other large and middle cities. China is your target market.

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