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10th Oil China Competition 2015


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2016 11th China International Olive Oil Competition

April  2016

2015 10th Wonderful Result

2014 9th Oil China Competition Result

2013 8th Oil China Competition Result

2006-2015 Oil China Competition Result


Dear Sir or Madam,  


We sincerely invite you to join in 2016 11th China International Olive Oil Competition (for short, Oil China Competition 2016). Oil China Competition 2016 will achieve the following purposes:

  • To display the best olive oil;

  • To show the best olive oil to consumers, importers, wholesalers, agents;

  • To present to the public and media;

  • To promote transparency on China¨s olive oil market;

  • To boost the olive oil consumption in China and the world.

The deadline for the registration is April 18, 2016 and the details will be found from the following links.


Process & Result of this competition

On the occasion of this competition, the first publication of the evaluation results will be announced and prizes awarded on the awarding ceremony as well as the official award of the ^Golden Olive ̄, the ^Sliver Olive ̄, the "Copper Olive"  the "Grand Mention". The second results of the consumer ranking and the winners of Oil China Competition 2015 will be published in ^China Oil & Fat ̄ and "", in the daily papers as well as in the internet (


The awarded olive oil will be displayed in the "Olive Oil Show Area" in Oil China 2016, so this will be can-not-miss opportunity for olive oil producers and agents.



The Committee of China International Olive Oil Competition

November 2015




For more information, please download the following documents:

  • Oil China Competition -General Rules        

  • Oil China Competition-Application Form                       

  • Application Online: please click "Application Online" to submit it



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The Awarding Ceremony of Oil China Competition
olive oil competition samples
The 2006-2015 Result of China International Olive Oil Competition  

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